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Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Grow heirloom tomatoes with these great heritage seeds. Heirloom tomatoes are old, even antique varieties that are not usually grown commercially. These seeds also carry much history, with many varieties handed down from generation to generation and can be hundreds of years old. This type of tomato is not grown commercially because it may not have a perfectly round shape, could lack disease resistance, or may not handle shipping across the country.

So why grow a heirloom tomato? Because they taste fantastic!

These tomatoes usually have a much stronger tomato flavor with a wide range of subtle sweets tastes that you cannot get out of a store bought tomato. They make for great conversation at dinner, offer better texture, and delicious flavors, while allowing you to eat local produce that is as sustainable as it gets. If you save your seeds, you are also saving important pieces of history that would otherwise be lost to progress. Clicking the links below will open a new window on eBay with a full description of the heirloom tomato seeds.

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