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Crossed Tomato Seed

Tomato seeds of crossed varieties have higher yields, resist cracking, increased disease resistance, and greater pest resistance. Crossed varieties are created by pollinating a tomato variety which has desirable qualities with a different tomato variety that has qualities you wish the first variety had. These cross pollinated tomatoes provide seeds with characteristics of both of the “parent” plants. Once a successful cross produces the desired qualities, it is often referred to has a Hyrbid variety. Hybridizing through cross pollination has been done for hundreds, if not thousands of years. This practice selectively breeds the best plants, but sometimes flavor is sacrificed for storage or shipping qualities, but it can also result in tasty and easy to grow new tomato varieties. Most heirloom varieties are actually old hybrids. Clicking the links below will open a new window on eBay with a full description of the hybrid tomato seeds for sale.

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